Mobile is emerging as the preferred communication channel with employees. Make the digital transformation easier with tools that improve the mobile experience - for your workforce and your helpdesk.

Understand User Experience

  • Monitor the quality of the services, and improve perception for your users with real-time data fed directly from connected mobile devices.
  • Receive alerts when a device, corporate application or network access stops working properly or goes down for maintenance, and inform users to avoid unnecessary helpdesk calls.

Be proactive

Reduce number of helpdesk calls with self-remediation and better communication:
  • Diagnose and report device and network issues automatically.
  • Inform the user about possible issues, such as incorrect configurations, high data consumption, or service outages.
  • Automatically send information to help them set up their devices or to solve problems on their own.

Control and reduce cost of ownership

  • Know where your money goes, and establish a conservative budget approach.
  • Know what apps are used, and stop paying for "zombie" licenses.
  • Make sure data quotas are not exceeded while your employees are roaming. Automatically enforcing app usage limits per country.
  • Use reliable hardware status information and data to replace devices only when needed.

Be efficient

Automate and facilitate the tasks of the service desk:
  • Shorten incident resolution time by providing all necessary data.
  • Define automatic rules to create and scale incidents to the correct team, to help the user directly or prevent a problem from occurring.
  • Get to know your user better, by having information about how they use their devices and data plans.

Empower mobile workplace digital transformation

Samoby integrates seamlessly into corporate applications to make mobile devices a recognized component of the workplace. We offer easy integration with ITSM, ITOM, SIEM, SAM.
Report, resolve maintenance or security incidents of mobile devices, execute common maintenance tasks using the existing tools and processes of Service Desk.