As your business becomes mobile, Samoby helps you identify and mitigate new threats

Most organizations are now promoting the use of smartphones and tablets as productivity tools in the workplace, either by giving devices to their employees or letting them bring their own devices (BYOD) and as more sensitive data is accessed through mobile, your organization’s security policies must cope with new challenges. Samoby helps you have a clear view of these new threats by constantly auditing your employee devices, perform automatic mitigation actions such as disabling access to corporate applications, and easily integrate into your existing security and service management solutions.

Network threats

Being mobile means you are not always connected to your company’s network infrastructure, and are exposing your data to unsecured or even fake Wifi Hotspot and carrier base stations. By analyzing network connections and traffic, we can effectively detect:
  • Unsecure connections
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Security Protocol downgrades
  • Suspicious remote servers

Apps threats

Apps are the predominant way that sensitive data is accessed on mobile devices, with risks spanning across both iOS and Android. Samoby can give you visibility into app based risks such as:
  • Apps downloaded outside of official app stores
  • Trojans, key loggers, ransomwares and other known malwares
  • Apps versions that have known vulnerabilities
  • Apps with suspicious behaviour such as access to SMS or remote servers

Device threats

If the device is compromised with software vulnerabilities, the built-in security of the operating system can be bypassed. Samoby can identify anomalies and risks, such as:
  • Risky device configurations
  • Root/jailbreak
  • Debugging mode devices
  • Out-of-date operating systems
  • Security breaches