We work with our Partners to reach Consumer and Business Market Places. Our partners include leading Managed Service Providers such as Tier 1 Wireless Carriers, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Systems Integrators (SI), Over-The-Top (OTT) Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)


In a market saturated with data and voice services with similar characteristics, bundling Value Added Service like Samoby allows our partners to stand out from their competitors. Give your subscribers a clearly advantage

Reduce Churn

Samoby services are "Sticky". On one hand, Samoby creates a small network of supervised and supervising devices and on the other; it gives the supervisors a new "captivating" service. The result is a service which is difficult to give up and complicated to switch to a competing service provider

New Revenues

Samoby features are new. They don't cannibalise existing services, instead they complement and generate extended usage of services such as broadband data. Until now, Consumer and Enterprise supervisors have not enjoyed such visibility and control of multiple devices. As subscribers become familiar with Samoby's services, they invest in new mobile devices, new sim cards and data lines

Marketing Control

Samoby services are available white-labelled and are rebranded for each of our Partners. This enables our Partners to be the sole provider of the services and to fully control the marketing mix. Subscribers can only buy the service through our Partners. All investment in Marketing by our Partners is rewarded with direct sales of their Branded version of Samoby Services