• Deliver value fast, with simple and complete
    mobile native app for admin purposes

Samtrace offers state-of-the-art mobile solutions that enable companies of any size and industry to monitor, control and manage their mobile workstations or fleet of devices in real-time

Real-time Monitoring

Samtrace delivers instant mobile data metering, mobile device location and App discovery. Such real-time control generates event-triggered alerts or processes

Corporate Devices

Samtrace makes it easy for IT administrators to track their Corporate Devices, instantly generate updated lists of device models, software versions, apps installed. With Samoby, IT administrators are notified of software or App updates, paid licence consumption, data and voice consumption, among others

Instant and Historical Location

Samtrace instantly captures the usage data and generates historical usage reports in terms of Location, Apps used, when and for how long, web sites visited and voice call logs

Mobile Inventory

Samtrace instantly discovers software and Apps installed on mobile devices at any moment in time. Using the Open API, IT Administrators may get a big picture of apps used across the organization with a view to selecting a preferred messaging App or disabling others that may be considered not suitable for work