• Proactive Solutions for
    Mobile Device Management
    Real time supervision and analytics allows cross-sector applications for
    Mobile data security, experience management, and resources optimization

Rules can be defined to automatically react when a potential threat is detected: to block data connection of the whole device or select apps; remote wipe information; enforce the use of a VPN; or block the device entirely.

All devices can be verified for defined threshold requirements for use, such as: OS authenticity, minimum OS version & patches, storage encryption, disabled debug or developer mode settings, and app wrapping.

All historical data is stored on cloud servers, available for late analysis for forensic purposes, behavioral analytics, or to determine the impact of an attack on other devices.

Additionally, all the data we gather can be imported using our restful API by any tools for further analysis or consolidation with other data sources, for example in existing SIEM software.

Get granular data usage information by app. Set the data usage limits by app according to group permissions, roaming country, or date. Reduce costs by eliminating unused app licenses.

Using smartphones as sensors, monitor your network’s service quality, and receive alerts when a corporate application or network access stops working correctly.

Some Key features

Threat Prevention: Automatically detect network attacks, such as attempts to listen to data traffic on Wi-Fi or public networks, phishing sites or malicious sites, and protect your employees when they are away from your premises.

Self-Service: Detect and inform users about service outages or quota limits to help them solve problems autonomously.

Problem-solving: Reduce incident diagnosis delay with real-time and historic data to identify root cause. Monitor network availability of both internal and external (public) networks.

Detect insider threats: Detect unusual behaviors, such as large data transfers, unknown or suspicious destinations, or downloading confidential files.

Proactive incident solving: Proactively detect and solve issues before they are reported, reducing support calls and MTTR.

Limit the use of certain applications when traveling: Avoid unplanned overhead costs while your employees travel abroad, save time spent talking with telecom customer support.