• Samoby fits into different use cases based on
    real-time analysis and proactivity for mobile devices
    Whether deployed for expense control,
    Service Management and IT Operations,
    or security threat defense purposes,
    Samoby provides a wide range of solutions across all sectors

Improve the effectiveness of your HelpDesk by proactively detecting and solving problems and having real-time and historical access to information about what happens on a mobile device

Audit real-time network connections, device configuration, mobile applications and the behavior of your employees to immediately identify and mitigate security threats, data leakage and ensure compliance of your mobile devices

Get analytics about the data used by each app. Set the data usage limits for each app according to group permissions, roaming country, or date. Stop paying for licenses for unused app

Use smartphones as sensors to Monitor the quality of the services of the company perceived by the user, receive alerts when a corporate application or any network access stops working correctly

Some Key features

Self-Help: detect and inform users about service outages or quotas exceeded, and help them solve problems autonomously

Quickly determine the cause of an incident: reduce incident diagnosis delay with real-time and historic data to help finding root cause. Monitor network availability, even the one you do not manage like public wifi

Protect from network threats: automatically detect network attacks, such as attempts to listen to data traffic on Wi-Fi or public networks, phishing sites or malicious sites, and protect your employees when they are away from your premises

Proactive incident solving: proactively detect and solvie issues before they are reported, reducing support calls and MTTR

Limit the use of certain applications when traveling: avoid unplanned overhead costs while your employees travel abroad, save time spent talking with telecom customer support

Detect insider threats: detect unusual behaviors, such as large data transfers, unknown or suspicious destinations, or downloading confidential files