• Mobile threat defense and expenses management
    for the enterprise
    Samoby is a real-time Mobile Threat Defense solution
    featuring a real time data expenses management
    and proactive smartphones maintenance

See how Samoby can help your business

Secure and ease BYOD

Employees can use their own mobile device as they always do. Samoby cloud platform will remotely audit devices configuration and behavior and will let you know and block access to corporate apps if a threat is detected

Be GDPR Compliant

Samoby constantly audits your devices to evaluate potential threats: prevent installed malicious app from being used, monitor network connections, check security configuration and vulnerabilities

Know & control app usage

Have detailed analytics of data traffic and use for each app. Define company rules on which, where and when apps can be used, websites visited, calls made. Do not pay for apps you do not use

Lower Mobile TCO

Reduce smartphone and tablets M&S costs by proactively detecting and remediate problems or hardware failures. Integrate mobile devices within Digital Transformation tools and processes

Real time

Samoby monitors security and usage events in real-time in the Smartphones and Tablets

Alerts and Mitigation

Automatic alerts and remediation tasks can be configured to respond security threat, excessive data usage, hardware failures, and other events

Mobile metering and Detailed analytics

The platform monitors the usage of Smartphones and Tablets and generates real-time events and reports. Information can then be visualized and analyzed to identify source of problems, inefficiencies or unusual/excessive uses

Resource Efficiency

Samoby uses fine-tuned technology designed to provide a high-accuracy and effective service with minimum impact on mobile data consumption or battery life